Client Testimonials

We believe that it is important for you to know why our clients chose to work with us, as well as how our software solutions have helped them manage their company more efficiently! 

We are able to provide you with many happy client references upon request and also have also posted a few recent client testimonials here for your review. 

S & L Electric

We are extremely happy with the job costing and payroll features offered by ComputerEase.  The payroll feature is saving our payroll department and foreman reporting the time many hours, which equates to $ in our bottom-line.

I would absolutely recommend this product.  We love the modules that we are currently using. 

Every chance we get, we are trying to move processes from other stand-alone systems to ComputerEase.  Every time I ask whether ComputerEase can handle a process, I get the answer “We can do that”. 

The Constructive-Solutions team has been excellent. 

The personal training we received when purchasing new modules was second to none.

Chris P. Gardner, CFO

S & L Electric

Colton, New York

Client Since 1997

Tusi Brothers Inc.

ComputerEase is a well-organized, cost efficient software package, especially if you’re in the construction industry. 

It is extremely user friendly.  It saves so much time in entering anything from A/P to Quarterly taxes.  Without it I would be lost.  In every aspect of the system, it generates reports that are needed in everyday situations and you can track with ease knowing as to which employee was on a job and how many hours they spent daily, weekly, or monthly. It also shows which vendors you owe and was paid on which jobs to who you invoiced in A/R to who has paid with ease.

Doing taxes on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and year end basis is a breeze!

I love this system and would not change it for anything! Other software you may think are less expensive but believe me it cannot not do in my opinion what CE does thoroughly and remember you do get what you pay for. I highly recommend this product! 

As stated above, it is the most complete, thorough software out there! The updates are done with so much ease and it basically does everything for you. It updates your system at every change that is needed especially at the beginning of the new year when taxes, etc change. It varies state by state and CE is  on top of it with all the government changes.

As far as recommending Constructive-Solutions, there is no better company in my opinion! They are so extremely helpful as well as knowledgeable and Angela and Arielle, well, just let me say, I would be totally lost without them.  They are their every single time for you.  If I have an issue with PR and I’m in the middle of it, they are right there to fix it just like that. 

The girls are my right and left hand and also I might add, my brain at times! They are so efficient and just so knowledgeable, it is amazing to me how they can get into the modules of the software and fix any issue they may arise, which by the way are seldom. I cannot say enough nice things about them or the CE staff.  The owner, Jim, is also hands on.  He’s there for you and will call you back if not available within a short amount of time if there is something one of the girls cannot help with or if you just have a question only Jim could answer. I have used ComputerEase for almost 20 years!  That is how dedicated we are. There have been many, many software companies that try and take our business but quite frankly, none compare to ComputerEase and the Constructive-Solutions team.

Deborah Walters, Office Manager

Tusi Brothers, Inc.

Wilmington, DE Client Since 2002

KLA Roofing and Construction

Computerease is very easy to use. I like it because it saves me time on payroll. No more doing certified payroll by hand, Computerease prints them right out. Very simple to do an AIA invoice. My boss uses the job costing to track jobs.

I would definitely recommend Computerease because it is a great construction software to track jobs. We had Computerease for years then our new accountant wanted us to switch to QuickBooks. So we did. Within a year, we were back to Computerease.

I am so glad. The Constructive Solutions team are the BEST !!

I have two that help me all the time, Renee and Angela are so friendly and knowledgeable with Computerease. Always willing to help me when I call.

Don’t know what I would do without them !!


Christine MillsOffice Manager

KLA Roofing & Construction, LLC

Everette, PA

Client Since 2002

Gillespie Electric

ComputerEase is the program we switched to in 2000 to solve the Y2K problem.  My CFO and I have stayed with the accounting software because it is easy to use and always adding more innovative features.  

ComputerEase works great for Payroll since we still process in-house.  The information available for job cost tracking is excellent. I will routinely recommend this product to other contractors.  It is truly designed for the construction contractor. 

From AIA Billing to Age Trial balance to Qtool for special reporting, it is the software Gillespie Electric has come to count on for over a decade.  

The Constructive Solutions staff has always been great to work with on problems or training with the product.  They are always ready to help to provide solutions or work thru a process to help use the software to its best capability.

Dave Burkhart, President

Gillespie Electric

East Greenville, PA

Client Since 2000

Performance Plumbing & Heating, LLC

ComputerEase is a very helpful accounting Software, especially for the construction industry. The easy to read Job costing reports, saves time and Energy to understand your potential and actual profits. It lets you set budgets on job codes and allows you to be warned if you are exceeding that budget. Also, it is very helpful making payroll easy and accurate.

I would recommend ComputerEase to any Contractor. We have multiple State jobs and are required to submit Certified Payroll reports. ComputerEase allows us to print Certified Payroll reports efficiently with no errors.

Constructive Solutions has been very helpful with any type of issue we have encountered. Whether it is an Invoice issue or a Question regarding the software, they are always available to help. The staff is very personable and extremely knowledgeable about the software.

Samantha Schlosser, Office Manager/Accounting

Performance Plumbing and Heating, LLC.

Torrington, CT

Client Since 2015

Raymond E Kelley

ComputerEase software is an invaluable tool for our company. The software makes it seamless from the time a new contract is created to when receipt of payment is recorded. Being such a user-friendly software, ComputerEase allows us to do our job costing, billings, payables, collections, in-house payroll along with union reporting efficiently. The numerous reporting features included in the software allow for timely completion of financials. No matter what module you are working in, there are multiple ways and reports available. Again, all quite user friendly with straight forward navigation. If there is ever a need to produce a custom report, Q-tool is always a click away to create reports that contain meaningful information. Another valuable feature is the practice module which allows users to run different scenarios while not affecting live data. The staff at Constructive Solutions is very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and just a call away. I would highly recommend ComputerEase software to any company in the construction industry.   Holly Flanagan, Controller Raymond E Kelley, Inc Bowmansville, NY Client Since 2003

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