The Right Tools Can Make All The Difference!

From Quickbooks® to Job Costing
Use the Right Tools for the Job!

Off-the-shelf software like Quickbooks® can be helpful for any business when they’re first starting out. But as a contractor, you have unique accounting and project management needs that Quickbooks® simply cannot meet. It doesn’t take long for a contractors to outgrow what they have to offer.
If you’re not sure it’s time to switch from off-the-shelf accounting software to ComputerEase, just ask yourself if you need these features:

• Integrated job costing
• Accurate, timely Work-in-Progress reports.
• Detailed job budgeting with multiple category cost management.
• Flexible billing options, including AIA: G702 & G703, Unit Billing, Progress billing and more
• Fully integrated purchase order and inventory control.
• Integrated service management and dispatch board.
• Project scheduling, resource scheduling and document control.
• Field-to-Office capabilities
• Much More!

These are the features contractors need every day, and with a run-of-the-mill accounting program you’ll need to find workarounds. ComputerEase offers solutions instead, and we’ll guide you through every step of the transition process.

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