Contractors have similar yet distinct needs when it comes to construction management and accounting software.

Whether their unique needs relate to the size of the company, scope of the job, level of specialization, or the need to subcontract parts of a job, contractors often require great flexibility in the tools they use to manage, track, and bill for a job.

ComputerEase software for contractors recognizes this uniqueness and has incorporated tools that can be used throughout the construction industry based on the demands of each job or company.

Bob Mattlin, CPA, founder and owner of ComputerEase Software, comes from a family background in construction and a personal background in accounting.

ComputerEase was founded in 1983 from a blended knowledge of accounting and construction. The company was built to provide software that improves the way contractors run their businesses, meeting the unique challenges of construction accounting head-on. Since that time, ComputerEase Construction Software has grown to be the industry leader in innovative construction management and accounting solutions for contractors of all sizes. Today, more than 6,000 contractors use ComputerEase to streamline their operations and increase profits.

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